MIVITEC operates a Streaming Platform spread across three of its Munich data centres. The platform can be connected to nodes dispersed all across the world. The content is distributed on the internet via the so-called Content Delivery Platform (CDN).

Our live streaming solutions are available for the following projects:

  • Broadcasting of events and concerts
  • Webcasting of TV programmes
  • Operation of a private broadcast channel (web TV)
  • Operation of a Set-Top Box platform

Live Streaming

MIVITEC operates a Streaming Platform spread across three of its Munich data centre. The platform can be connected to nodes dispersed all across the world. The content is distributed on the internet via the so-called Content Delivery Platform (CDN).

The following video formats are available:

  • H264
  • Flash
  • Windows Media
  • HTML5
  • RealMedia
  • Quicktime
  • Others upon request


Being a partner of CenturyLink and TeliaSonera International Carrier we are able to adapt the bandwidth at any time according to your requirements, if there is need. The data are transmitted to the carrier network via redundant optical fibre connections. This allows you to distribute your content on one of the world’s largest “Content Delivery Networks”.


Our services are available for the following purposes:

  • Broadcasting of events and concerts
  • Webcasting of TV programmes
  • Operation of a private broadcast channel (IP TV)
  • Operation of a Set-Top Box platform


Standard solution:
We have put together several packages at advantageous terms and conditions for live streaming purposes without special requirements via the MIVITEC “Content Delivery Network”. All accounts are compatible with Full-HD 1080p.


  Charity Basic Professional Enterprise
Max. audience 400 200 1000 Upon request
Viewer Hours (per month) 2000 5000 10000 Upon request
Format Flash & HTML 5 ODER Windows Media
Compatible devices Windows (Web Browser, Windows Media Player), iPad, iPhone, Android
24x7 Support German speaking helpline (24/7 emergency support)


The terms mentioned above apply to a contractual term of at least 3 months. Upon expiration of the minimum period, the agreement shall be deemed to be extended for further 3 months, unless it is terminated with a 4 weeks notice.

If you have not yet found a suitable offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Further information
  • Viewer hours per month: meaning the number of viewers multiplied by the number of broadcast hours. A live stream of 2 hours with on average 1000 viewers is equivalent to 2000 viewer hours.
  • We provide one stream per package. If you need more simultaneous streams, please book several packages.
  • Trial accounts and charity accounts are exclusively provided for non-commercial or testing purposes. They are automatically cancelled and removed after a period of 12 months.
  • Charity accounts are only provided to non-profit organisations and education institutions or similar entities, as long as capacities are available. Please send us a detailed project description after your online booking to allow us to verify whether we can support your event.
  • We do not insert advertisements. However, if it is a trial or charity stream, we reserve the right to insert the name of our firm in a corner or at the start of the stream.
  • The customer is held responsible for the provision of licences and authorisations. MIVITEC only provides the technical infrastructure. The client is charged costs on the basis of an hourly rate of € 75 for a step-by-step support by telephone which lasts longer than 15 minutes. Telephone support outside the office hours incurs a surcharge of 100 %.

Technical information

  • Provisioning time: 1 weekday - Please call us, if there is urgency. Upon request, an order can be executed on a 24/7 basis.
  • You can choose between Flash/HTML5 and Windows Media. Please specify in your order which of them you prefer or whether you need both of them.
  • Afterwards we will send you the access data to our CDN, which will allow you to transmit the signal to us. However, you will need an encoder, for example the Windows Media Encoder oder Adobe Media Live Encoder. We will gladly provide you with a simple hardware encoder for 2 weeks, including the appropriate software, at a price of € 99 inclusive of VAT and shipping costs. Once the device has been connected to a Windows PC via the USB port, the data data can be directly transmitted to our CDN. The video device must be connected to the encoder at either the HDMI (digital) or FBAS (analogue) channel. You can also use an SDI adapter.
  • We will be happy to assign a technician to you, who will support in your premises or by telephone (TeamViewer). Do not hesitate to send us your request.
  • Please note that you need an internet access point with a stable upload rate to ensure a proper streaming quality. Please consider a suitable reserve - for example an upload rate of 2 Mbit for a 1 Mbit stream. We will gladly provide a dedicated connection.
  • Our helpline is available from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm - if there is urgency, you can call our 24/7 emergency hotline.


MIVITEC operates satellite dishes on the roof of the data centre, which enable us to receive and convert signals from almost all satellites that cover the Munich area. Further data centres in Munich and Frankfurt are available as fallback option.


The headend signals are available for the following purposes:

  • Streaming
  • Content analysis
  • Operation of mediateques or online TV recording
  • SAT facilities are set up according to the requirements of the client. We will gladly provide further services, for example fibre optic connection to other sites. We can also install wireless networks, GSM, LTE, DVB-T, among others.

Currently, our dishes are aimed at the following satellite locations:

  • Express AM22 53.0°E
  • Turksat 42.0°E
  • Hellas Sat 39.0°E
  • Astra 28.2°E
  • Astra 19.2°E
  • Eutelsat 16.0°E
  • Hotbird 13.0°E
  • Eutelsat 9.0°E
  • Eutelsat 7.0°E
  • Astra 4.8°E
  • Eutelsat 3.0°E
  • Thor/Intelsat 0.8°W
  • Eutelsat 5.0°W
  • Nilesat 7.0°W

Further satellite connections can be arranged within a short time.

On Demand Streaming

MIVITEC provides a redundant Content Delivery Infrastructure distributed across several data centres with fibre optic connections to our partner Level(3) This enables us not only to use one of the world’s largest CDN, but also to implement small projects in a very short time and at particularly competitive conditions.


Typical projects:

  • Mediatheques
  • Video platforms (so-called “private Youtube”)
  • "Pay per view offers"

Video Platform

These services enable you to operate a private video platform, which runs on either a dedicated or hosting server in a Cloud environment that will specially be optimised for this purpose.


This product includes a modular CMS video software for the operation of Web TV platforms and Video Communities. One module is designed to incorporate external sources (for example YouTube) and to record accesses for invoicing purposes (Video on Demand). In order to provide the best picture quality, the videos are transcoded in HD format. The layout of the platform will be adapted to the client’s corporate identity.


Video on Demand VoD Basic VoD Premium VoD Enterprise
Storage space up to 100 GB 500 GB 1000 GB
Traffic (monthly) up to 1000 GB 2500 GB 5000 GB
FTP access


yes yes
SSH-access (limited) no yes yes
Data-Backup 1 day 3 days 5 days


Set-Top Box Platform

A Set-Top-Box-infrastructure allows the development and delivery of Pay TV services without incurring high licence fees for the assignment of satellite frequencies. We provide the expertise and the software for the management of the services and invoicing.

Our infrastructure solutions are available for:

  • Live streaming
  • SAT downlink
  • On demand streaming
  • video platforms

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Mivitec Content Delivery Cloud (MCDC)

MIVITEC operates a so-called Content Delivery Cloud (MCDC). This infrastructure, distributed across geographically dispersed data centres, enables the client to deliver in a flexible and reliable manner huge amounts of static content. It is particularly advantageous for the delivery of videos. The infrastructure is highly scalable and the delivery can be restricted to determined areas, for example Europe or North America. This allows you to save up to 50 % of the costs! Web users in other parts of the world may be excluded by geo-blocking or the content may be delivered to them from the nearest cloud.

This would be a particularly suitable solution, if your target group is primarily a European audience and therefore, delivery delays in Asia or South America would not be so relevant. If you want to serve a global audience, we are able to provide an extension to a worldwide CDN, which is operated by our partner Level(3) Communications. The content will be directly transmitted to the Level(3) CDN via a direct fibre optic connection with a low latency and loss of quality. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is an infrastructure which consists of multiple geographically dispersed servers connected via the internet, allowing to deliver a huge amount of media content and video streams. The data are made available in the network to ensure that the content is delivered from the geographically nearest node.

The CDN infrastructure enables the user to distribute both static content from cache servers and streaming content. We will gladly discuss with you the project and submit you a quotation.

Via our MCDC and CDN infrastructure, we can also transmit HD (high definition) content in various formats: Flash, HLS, h264, rtmp, among others. The SAT downlink allows for access to the data of more than 50 satellites.

Content Monitoring

Our Content Monitoring System:

  • Monitoring of the content of determined websites (for example an online shop)
  • Monitoring of live stream content (audio and video)
  • In the event of a failure, the client is alerted via E-Mail, SMS, XML or fax or a telephone call on a pre-configured telephone number

Event Streaming

Our Event Streaming Service helps you share your event with target groups across the world. Whether it is press conference, a general assembly, a product launch or any other event - a determined audience will be able to watch your event on the web either live or whenever you choose to broadcast it.


  • Encoding of the videos in all common formats (Windows Media, H.264, Flash, HTML 5 etc.)
  • Hosting of the videos on our streaming servers
  • Broadcasting of videos via our Content Delivery Network
  • Link to a webcast popup which can be embedded in any website
  • Adaptation of the webcast popup to suit your corporate identity design

Optionale features:

  • Reporting on viewership figures
  • Viewer registration (name, organisation, email addresses)
  • Limitation of the distribution by geo-blocking

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