In modern times, lean business processes and a corresponding performant and scalable IT infrastructure are essential to respond quickly and in a cost-effective manner to the more and more volatile market conditions.

Therefore, your IT infrastructure should be adapted continuously to the development of the business to enable you to seize immediately trading opportunities.


IT Outsourcing

In modern times, lean business processes and a corresponding performant and scalable IT infrastructure are essential to react quickly and in a cost-effective manner to the more and more volatile market conditions. Therefore, your IT infrastructure should be adapted continuously to the development of the business to enable you to seize immediately trading opportunities.

Taking advantage of our data centre services, you can gain a competitive advantage and keep your systems up to date. Our services for your IT outsourcing project include both the secure operation and the reliable management of your systems, whether it is partly or entirely. We offer you a complete range of services, allowing you to get all products and services from one provider.

We pride ourselves on comprehensive expertise and know-how in providing all related services, including server hosting, virtualisation (VMWare, HyperV and OpenStack), telephony and desktop management. We will also take care of the implementation of the connection (optical fibre/VPN/MPLS), deal with security issues and provide support services. We will gladly discuss with you even complex issues and draw up together with you a project plan.

We will also be happy to provide an appropriate SaaS solution to suit your outsourcing project.

The endless applications of virtualisation enable you to respond quickly to changing requirements. We are able to deploy infrastructure solutions within a very short time thanks to our virtualisation solutions. All our data centres feature state-of-the-art security tools that provide full protection of your data. Our “Munich East I”, “Munich East II” and “Munich North” data processing facilities have been awarded the ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Please note: outsourcing does not mean that you have to shut down your IT management department. You are free to choose the services you would like to benefit from, whilst continuing to perform other tasks in your company. The most basic form of outsourcing is the colocation in our data centres, meaning the transfer of your servers into one of our data processing facilities. We will only make available a secure environment, whilst you continue to manage your systems.


We manage your online shop:

  • Highest availability
  • Highest security
  • Compliance with the PCI standard for credit card payment
  • ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified facilities
  • Load balancing across several data centres
  • 24x7 support service

We can host systems based on the following technologies:

  • dotNET / IIS
  • JAVA mit JBoss / Tomcat / Jetty / Websphere
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Ruby-on-Rails
  • Python

Database technologies (also available as cluster):

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • My SQL
  • MariaDB
  • NoSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • IBM DB2

E-mail Outsourcing

We will gladly manage you email platform.

Microsoft Exchange 2013 / Outlook

  • Incorporation of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Control / Blocking of lost smartphones
  • Synchronisation - Desktop / Smartphone / Notebook / Tablet
  • • Flexible mailbox size
  • Outlook Web Access: access via a web interface / from the internet café
  • Monthly licence fee

Optional features:

  • Synchronisation with the Active Directory of the client
  • Outlook licence
  • Legally compliant email archive system
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus scanner
  • Blackberry integration
  • Skype for Business - Microsoft (VoIP)
  • Incorporation of Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Email encryption

Cluster with Loadbalancer

Is your website highly frequented? Or would you like to have your banner ads delivered in a reliable a timely manner for your marketing campaign?

Our cluster solution helps avoid bottlenecks regardless of the number of website visitors. Load balancing solutions are particularly suitable for heavy-load and business-critical internet applications. Several servers are connected to form a closed system. The website traffic is automatically and equally distributed across these servers. A load balancer controls constantly the availability of the single servers. Therefore, your website will always be available, even if one system component should fail.
Thanks to our GeoDNS tool, we are able to distribute and direct the website traffic to several clusters dispersed across the world. The fully redundant system recognises automatically the country from where the website is accessed and directs the visitor to the nearest available server. Therefore, we will implement a geographically dispersed global cluster environment or we may load your content onto our Content Delivery Network (CDN).

IT Security

Our security experts will be delighted to give you advice regarding the implementation of a secure IT environment. It is also possible to carry out audits in your premises. Upon request, we will gladly assist you with the preparation of a certification process.


  • Reputation filter
  • Anti-Spam-Filter
  • Virus outbreak filter
  • double anti virus filter


Do you face a problem the resolution of which requires comprehensive expertise and are too busy to attend a seminar? Do you need urgently a solution and not three weeks later? We offer you consultancy services and bespoke solutions for your problem. Given our extensive experience gained over many years in dealing with various customer requirements, we are able to provide effective and efficient support. If you are still hesitating, give us a call. Let us “crack your tough nut”.

Business Continuity

Business continuity in exceptional circumstances

Do you have a reliable disaster recovery plan to avoid disruption of your business processes? Business analysts are unanimous in their judgement that companies usually cannot survive in highly competitive markets when suffering important losses. The IT infrastructure, resilience, uninterrupted business processes and the safe storage of relevant data are essential factors for enduring business success. Within our “Business Continuity” and “Resilience” services - partly provided in collaboration with our partner IBM - you will get essential information and gain know-how to keep the current and future risks for your company under control.
One out of every two companies does not have an emergency management plan. And how about you?

Jedes zweite Unternehmen hat keinen Notfallplan, Sie auch?

In such a case we offer in our data centres so-called “Business Continuity Solutions”

  • Migration of the IT systems to the data centre as a copy of the business IT infrastructure
  • Permanent connection to the corporate headquarters (dark fibre, MPLS, VPN, wireless)
  • Backup virtual desktops with PC, telephone, fax, photocopier
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms
  • • Connection of home offices via VPN

Thanks to this infrastructure, the business remains operational even in the event of an emergency. Normally, it is not necessary to provide virtual desktops for all workplaces, since a certain number of employees may be able to continue work from the home office. However, leading managers should be present in the virtual disaster recovery office to benefit from a fast decision-making process in carrying out the emergency management plan.

We will gladly assist you with the development and the implementation of a “Business Continuity” scheme. We offer backup virtual desktops in all our data centres. These are always arranged to suit the client’s wishes and kept ready for use. To reduce the costs, the assignment of the virtual desktops may be redundant (2 or 3 clients per desktop). The desktops are directly connected to the data centre infrastructure and may be optionally powered by a diesel generator. Depending on the “Business Continuity” services agreement, the backup virtual desktops may be accessible on a 24/7 basis. A complete office equipment is available, including VoIP telephony and peripheral devices (printer, scanner, photocopier, fax device).

Our backup virtual desktops meet common business and legal requirements, such as SEC 17a-4 regulation, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, MiFID directive, SB 1386 bill, Bale II agreement, Check 21, Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, Patriot Act und HIPAA. Upon request, we will be happy to make available further facilities.

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