Domain Registration

As an accredited member of DENIC and partner of big domain providers, we offer professional services.

Thanks to our experience in domain hosting, we are able to provide cost-effective solutions and swift support. In most of the cases our team can give you immediately advice by telephone or E-Mail . You can choose from more than 200 extensions, including the most common endings, such as “.de”, “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, “.info”, “.biz” and specific geographical extensions, for example “.at”, “.ch”, “.fr”. Upon request, we will gladly send you a list of all available extensions. Do not hesitate to send us your enquiry. We also offer our clients domain escrow services.

We offer two service models:

  • Registration of your domain by our support department. You will not need to care about anything. The registration will be made during our office hours. However, amendments regarding the domain or contact details require interaction with the support.
  • Real-time domain registration with our “Order System”. You can determine yourself the contacts (Owner-C, Admin-C, Tech-C or Zone-C). Your advantage is that the registration can be made at all times and involves minor costs given the easy procedure as well as that you can manage the domain independently.


The website management is based on the “Plesk” control panel. You can carry out all necessary settings via a comfortable web interface, for example email configuration, database configuration or FTP passwords.

Our web hosting service requires the Tomcat or JBoss container. This is however no problem. You can simply order along with the server space a Java Cloud Service Account. We will then put everything together.

Java Hosting - Tomcat + JBoss

We have gained experience in Cloud computing services as well as in JAVA Hosting over more than 12 years. Our services have included the creation of small instances and big clusters with all common servlet containers (for example Tomcat, Jboss, Jetty, Websphere, among others).

We make available a private Cloud instance, preinstalled and pre-configured. You can choose from several servlet container types, including currently Tomcat and Jboss (others upon request). It is possible at all times to restart the virtual machine instance via our web interface. You can adjust independently all Tomcat settings and are free to choose the Tomcat, JBoss or Java version. For every account, you will receive the corresponding number of database accounts. Further databases (Oracle) can be set up.

High availability

All instances are incorporated in a Load Balancing Cluster and are protected by an Application Layer Firewall. To increase the capacity and improve the availability, you can order two or more instances, which will be automatically distributed across different nodes. The load balancer ensures that your system will be available even in the event of a server crash or a failure of the Tomcat instance.