The whole range of our services and products is developed and implemented or provided in the MIVITEC data centres, including colocation, (managed) hosting and comprehensive cloud computing environments as well as complete outsourcing solutions.

In its data centres, MIVITEC can provide highly flexible solutions to meet even special and complex requirements.


Housing / Colocation

Our four data centres in Munich offer ample opportunities to clients who would like to have their servers and IT systems housed in a secure environment.

Our data processing facilities are certified and meet highest security standards. All data centres have redundant connections to our own independent high-speed communications network (with BGP routing and DE-CIX peering). Thanks to our cooperation with renowned partners and carriers , we are able to provide our clients with excellent services.

Bespoke solutions:

  • Comprehensive SAT infrastructure
  • Dedicated connections from your headquarters to your infrastructure in the data centre
  • Installation of GSM or UMTS modules upon request
  • ISDN connections to the rack
  • KVM console integrated into your system

Your benefits:

  • Design of the infrastructure to suit your wishes regarding the security, certification levels and costs
  • Personal contact for questions and problems
  • 24/7 support for emergencies
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified infrastructures
  • PCI compliance
  • State-of-the-art security technology (access control, monitoring, fire precautions)
  • All our sites are exclusively powered by hydroelectric energy


If you need a private server and would like to have always the latest hardware available without purchasing it, hiring a dedicated server in one of our data centres will be an excellent choice.

We offer you the hardware in our data centres for hire. You can choose the technical facilities without acquiring the hardware. You will only be charged the monthly hire.

We will make the hardware available that suits perfectly your requirements. No matter whether you prefer IBM, Dell, HP or Supermicro, we will find a bespoke solution to meet your needs. Furthermore, we offer tailored service level agreements, including monitoring, remote hands and many other useful services.

Available operating systems:
Linux, FreeBSD (free of charge), Windows (monthly licence fee)

There are further locations available (USA, Canada, France, Japan, China, among others). For more information, take a look at ”.Locations - International.

Please note: our special offers can be adapted to suit special needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Suggestion: we will gladly provide you with VMware certified systems, which will enable you to implement your own VMware infrastructure using the ESXi tool. We will gladly provide you with the necessary licences.

Server Management

The reliability of the server infrastructure is essential for a smooth running of your business. We can guarantee this by a careful server management and maintenance, including administration, updates and monitoring as well as data backups and replication.

These tasks are particularly delicate and time-consuming in complex IT infrastructures.

We offer you comprehensive server management services. Our standardised and certified processes ensure that the IT system works smoothly and reliably in the background so that you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Our services include the following:

  • Server monitoring: performance, availability, security
    We continuously monitor the server on a 24/7 basis and take remedial action (whenever possible proactively) in the event of a failure before the problem affects your business processes.
  • Patch Management
    We install patches and updates to keep your system always up to date taking into account your requirements regarding, for example, compatibility issues
  • Hardware Management
    We take care that the hardware always works impeccably, replacing defective hard disks or vents and coordinating servicing work of the manufacturer (IBM, DELL, HP, NetApp, etc.)
  • Backup Management
    We verify on a daily basis whether the backups run properly and start, if there is need, a new backup. If necessary, we change the tapes and store them in our DIS120 data safes.
  • Backup Restore
    In the "Worst Case Scenario” we will carry out the data recovery from the backup hardware and import database logs or single email accounts to suit perfectly your requirements.
  • Documentation / CMDB
    We document your infrastructure, all amendments, configurations, etc. and thereby ensure a quick repair in the event of failure.
  • 24x7 Support
    You can reach us around the clock. Upon request, we also provide end user support by telephone, email or ticket system in German, English or another language upon request
  • Response times according to the terms of the SLA
    We guarantee fix service times: response time, resolution time, Time-To-Fix e.t.c.
  • Disaster Recovery
    In the event of a failure arising from a hardware problem or a cyber attack launched by hackers exploiting a vulnerability of the application, we strive to minimise the damages by an appropriate incident management, investigation into the causes and restoration of the business processes.

The services mentioned above are also available at a fixed rate or within a flat rate scheme.


With this service, we want to provide flexible solutions for data backup. In order to ensure highest data security and availability, we are able to mirror the data in two geographically distant data centres. Upon request, we will gladly provide a dedicated connection for the secure transmission of your data. A bandwidth of up to 10 Gbit is feasible (for example SAN synchronisation). Alternatively, we can use an encrypted VPN site-to-site connection.

You can choose an unmanaged solution, whereby we provide storage space, whilst you store the data yourself (for example via NFS, SMB or iSCSI), or you can benefit from a managed solution and entrust the data storage to us.


When do you recognise that your servers are no longer available? Is it due to an insidious defect, which has not been perceptible before, or to overloading?

Instead of being surprised by excited calls of your customers or employees, you will receive a message from a member of our team that will state how long it will take to resolve the problem.

Our Network Operation Center monitors your systems around the clock and therefore is able to intervene instantly when a problem should appear.

You will be given notice of the problem in several ways: by SMS, email and optically via a web interface. To avoid overloading and to evaluate extension requirements, we are able to control single applications and key figures of your infrastructure. This will help you keep always close oversight of your data processing environment. The monitoring includes the graphic analysis of historical data.

VPN, MPLS, Dedicated Connection

Dedicated Connection

In cooperation with several carriers, we provide dedicated copper or fibre optic lines to connect your site to our highly available and modern facilities or interconnect your locations. If your sites are close to one another and depending on certain technical conditions, we may also connect your sites by laser or wireless installations. A transmission capacity of up to 10 Gbit is possible.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Our VPN solutions allow a cost-effective connection of the headquarters to the data centre and interconnection of corporate sites or a project team working in different locations. Depending on the purpose, we use systems based on either the IPSEC or OpenVPN technology. We provide IPSEC solutions from Cisco, Juniper and Nokia (others upon request). For Open VPN we use Linux based systems (cluster solutions are also available).


MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

This system allows the transmission of data packages in a virtual network along a pre-configured path. This data transfer process is primarily used by operators of large transmission networks that provide telecommunication or data services on IP basis.


Internet Access

All dedicated connections can be combined with the “Internet Access” product, which enables you to connect your headquarters to the internet. You can choose between flat rate and volume pricing. Upon request, we can arrange redundant connection and dynamic routing (BGP, OSPF). Public IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) are available from RIPE at all times. Optionally, firewalls and content filters can be provided for a secure internet access.


Carrier Connections

Our data centres house operational equipment of the following carriers: M-NET, Deutsche Telekom, Versatel, COLT, Level(3) / CenturyLink, TeliaSonera, EUNetworks, British Telecom, Kabel Deutschland. We are able to provide connections to the networks of numerous other carriers via our routing locations by installing a so-called “Local Loop”. This allows us to create highly available connections with high transmission capacities for businesses.
Please note: the carriers mentioned above are not all present at each location. If the installation of a cross-connect to a carrier network should be required, the client incurs additional costs.

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