All data centres of MIVITEC are interconnected by our own fibre optic backbone and therefore boast a high resilience, reliability and flexibility. We use the CWDM/DWDM technology to create additional capacities within the backbone infrastructure by using different wavelengths. For special projects, we can make available twisted pairs.

The connection to the internet is set up via our own autonomous system (AS41412), combined with dynamic BGP4 routing on the networks of numerous carriers, including, for example, Level(3) / CenturyLink, Telia Company, KPN, as well as direct peering from the Frankfurt DE-CIX platform, the biggest internet exchange hub with more than 200 carriers. Each of our data centres has its own internet connection and therefore remains available even in the event of a breakdown of other sites or a failure of the backbone. The transmission capacity of the connections is at least 10 Gbps regardless of the carrier

Details at a glance::

  • Direct redundant connection to the modern global network of Level(3) / CenturyLink
  • Direct connection to the global network of the Telia Company
  • Direct connection to the European network of KPN
  • Direct connection to the DE-CIX platform (the biggest internet hub in the world)
  • The network is fully IPv6 compatible. We are able to allocate both IPv4 and IPv6
  • The network is fully IPv6 compatible. We are able to allocate both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to our clients.

More than 300 peering partners, including internet providers and carriers, for example:

  • Telefonica Germany (O2 and HanseNet)
  • Kabel Deutschland
  • 1und1
  • M-net
  • Versatel
  • QSC
  • Kabel BW
  • Deutsches Forschungsnetz (DFN)
  • Hurricane Electric
  • RETN
  • Atrato IP Networks
  • Init7

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